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  • Reflections on the scenes leading to the Cross. (pt. 1)

    There are so many focal points associated with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It all started with a celebration as Jesus entered Jerusalem and, the disciples amongst the crowds cheered and lay cloaks and palm branches down in a makeshift parade of a mistaken earthly royal processional. How the tone of the city abruptly… Continue Reading →

  • In Search of Significance

    People look for significance in what they do instead of who they are. God made something amazing when He made you. Don’t ever doubt that you matter to Him even when this world might try to drag you down. You are loved. Henri Nouwen was a widely successful writer, theologian, and professor. One would think… Continue Reading →

  • Something’s Worn

    The world is a scary place.Fire and warwar and fireAnd I grow tired of the sadness poured out and shakenlike the people caught in the middle of the fight And I cannot bring an ounceof relief in my worrying my fretting and the half-chewed nail Still, I am wornemotionally spentleft wanting and wishing this were… Continue Reading →

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