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  • Queen Elizabeth II has died.

    Rest well, Queen Elizabeth. You were a figurehead that inspired many especially during times of great trials. We recognize that God appoints leadersand sometimes the world is emptier when a void takes the place when mortal coils depart. Rest well, our Queen.

  • UnMoored.

    I have been absent. Too many things crammed into twenty-four hours. I am lost in thoughtbut you are thereperhaps a time or two, we have been derailed. I’ve been feeling a bit lostWith one hand holding onto my past tenseWhile grasping onto a future both uncertain and untenable. Sometimes The anchor is stucklodged amongst ancient… Continue Reading →

  • Reflections on the scenes leading to the Cross. (pt. 1)

    There are so many focal points associated with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It all started with a celebration as Jesus entered Jerusalem and, the disciples amongst the crowds cheered and lay cloaks and palm branches down in a makeshift parade of a mistaken earthly royal processional. How the tone of the city abruptly… Continue Reading →

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