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I am a writer, pastor and I truly enjoy this life I have been blessed with! I believe that knowledge, like life, is a journey…so ponder with me, and let’s discover these conversations and questions together!  Let me make you a promise – I  won’t act like someone I’m not, I’m a real person with my own real struggles in life just like you.  Let me also just say that I am truly thankful for you the reader, and encouragement/feedback, the many questions that I get along the way and all of the other comments.  Currently I live Prattville Alabama and I work as the CEO of Christian Services for Children in Alabama (www.cscalabama.org) My wife and I have four, awesomely energetic, crazy, artistic and clever children as well as the occasional adopted child our kids frequently bring home.   Here’s to many more deep conversations, much more ponderings, perhaps the disagreement from time to time, and here’s also to changing the world one person at a time!  Thanks again for checking out Pastorsponderings!

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  1. Please give more biographical info. You are way too mysterious. Most newspapers won’t accept anonymous letters to the editor. I evaluate words as they are written, but Theology must be done in fellowship of believers. Your blog needs more setting. It seems the world is your oyster. This world is not my home.

  2. I can’t remember how I came across your blog now, probably FB. It’s good to read and think about things. I’ve just answered my own promptings from God to restart blogging, praying that it will be another light, with God’s help. I too am a Salvation Army officer, but first and foremost a child of God. God bless you as you continue blogging.
    P.S. I do agree that you could share more biographical detail, but actually I’ve not shared a huge amount either. I don’t think it’s about being mysterious. I think it’s about the fact that we live a very public life all the time, and sometimes it’s good to just share what’s on our heart without all the other stuff. 🙂

    1. I think that’s it exactly, I too live a very public life and I am not hiding who I am by any means nor am I saying things that are controversial it was just something I honestly hadn’t thought about. I will be updating. Thanks for the encouragement, please link (if you can sometime) your blog as well! I would love to read it! -Blessings!

  3. HI Scott, Have appreciated your comments on such a wide range of issues. It has been my mission over many years to provide a balance in SA music. As a bandmaster at three corps we were able to blend the contemporary with the traditional. We do have a great heritage and should continue to exploit the wonderful songs of the past and include the good from the present. Thank you for bringing this issue into a balanced view. God bless. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Scott, Capt Martin Cordner here. My passion is changing the world one person at a time with kind words, inspiration and through music and the creative arts. Just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work. God bless you.

  5. Hi Scott, I was doing a search on giving in The Salvation Army and came across your ponderings. Thanks for that. Just seeing your picture brought many wonderful memories flooding back.

  6. I have just read your most recent blog about the new “initiative” on accountability within the army.
    For individuals of any position within the army to be truly accountable there would need to be a seismic shift in the autocratic structure of the army.
    My personal experience is that the autocratic structure means that people in positions of authority do not have to be accountable for their actions in any way. I was a candidate for officership in one division but then moved house so was in another division. When I moved the new DC did not recognise my candidateship, I never had a meeting with the divisional candidates board, they did not arrange for me to meet with the territorial candidates officer. I attempted to verbally discuss this with them but they denied that there was a problem. Eventually, in an attempt to progress my application for officership I emailed the DC, copied my corps officer into the email, along with the territorial candidates officer, the divisional candidates officer, the chief secretary and the territorial commander. I did not receive a reply from anyone other than the DC to say that they agreed that my application for officership should stop – at NO point did I say that! I was called to officership many many years ago and I wanted to fulfill that calling.
    I asked a senior officer how to overcome th problem with the DC and their advice was move divisions because nobody would support me when they weren’t!
    Two years later I have come out of uniform and use the army as my place of worship. The whole process and lack of pastoral care or accountability was having a detrimental effect in my mental health.
    In my opinion the army has a very very long way to go before it is truly accountable!

    1. I am so sorry for your experience! I have also heard of this happening to colleagues of mine, and they indeed moved to a different division and finally became accepted into training as a cadet. I certainly do not agree with that sort of treatment that you have endured and I do not believe this is what the founder had in mind. Blessings on you and your servant’s heart! Most would have run away at such poor treatment!

  7. Hiya I really enjoy reading your ponderings and wonder have you written on the topic of succession- length of appointment or staying until retirement. I’ve just finished reading Carey Niewhofs thoughts on succession and wonder how that fits within TSA.

    Keep pondering its good!

  8. I have heard your name for a while now. I served on St. Helena and spent time with your parents prior to leaving and they were so gracious.

    I have been reading your articles about people leaving the ranks and what the Army should do about it and am finding your writings interesting.

    I was an officer for 22 years and my wife and I separated in 2013. I had a DC that was ruthless and a pastoral care team at THQ that never once has reached out to me, let alone marriage counseling. It has now been six years and as of this date no one has reached out even after me calling the Personal Secretary and never receiving a returned call. Not only do I feel like I have been shot but stepped on and thrown out to the curb by an organization that I gave my life to as well has 4 generations before me.

    I will stop there because it just brings the hurt back so fresh. I thank you for writing these articles and hope someone listens.

    Justin L.

  9. It’s my first time to read this, I was introduced to your blog by an officer in The Salvation Army. I ‘am interested to read more on topics that are introduced in your blog.

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