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I am a writer, pastor and I truly enjoy this life I have been blessed with! I believe that knowledge, like life, is a journey…so ponder with me, and let’s discover these conversations and questions together!  Let me make you a promise – I  won’t act like someone I’m not, I’m a real person with my own real struggles in life just like you.  Let me also just say that I am truly thankful for you the reader, and encouragement/feedback, the many questions that I get along the way and all of the other comments.  Currently I live Prattville Alabama and I work as the CEO of Christian Services for Children in Alabama (www.cscalabama.org) My wife and I have four, awesomely energetic, crazy, artistic and clever children as well as the occasional adopted child our kids frequently bring home.   Here’s to many more deep conversations, much more ponderings, perhaps the disagreement from time to time, and here’s also to changing the world one person at a time!  Thanks again for checking out Pastorsponderings!

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