Ponderings On The Orlando Massacre

Only love will win in the end.” -Mumford & Sons.

Today, I have seen the antithesis of love.
All of the news outlets have thoroughly covered this horrendous act of terror on innocent people in Orlando.  My heart breaks for the family members left picking up the pieces to shattered lives in the wake of such senseless violence.  The heart-wrenching stories of cell phones ringing from the pockets of dead victims as investigators sift through the wreckage.  No doubt those phone calls were from family and friends trying to find their loved ones.  One cannot begin to fathom the immense pain these families are going through today.
It has been reported that Isis has taken credit for this targeted attack on a gay nightclub.  Regardless of ideologies and beliefs, violence begets more violence and the blood of the innocent makes this all the more heart-breaking.  Acts of violence upon any group or community cannot be tolerated.  Where can anyone feel safe?  Where can anyone go?

I have read some awful things said by so called “Christians” claiming that this was “God’s retribution”, and  I cannot help but feel anger toward such seemingly vengeful people.  I don’t understand how anyone can interpret any of this as being “God’s will”.  Death at the hands of madmen and acts of terrorism is evil – plain and simple.

To the families who lost loved ones today – We pray for you tonight.
We cannot begin to understand the pain you’re going through right now, but we stand with you and support you with our prayers.  To a community hurting, frightened and shocked – We support you with our thoughts and prayers as well!  We stand with you against such horrendous evil.

“Only love will win in the end.” -Mumford & Sons.

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