“What do I Stand For?” -Absolute Truth


Yesterday I received some criticism for my view on heaven and hell; essentially that I believe that there is such a place.  Coupled with the fact that we are people who must accept the consequences of the decisions we make.  Every action has an equal reaction.  Choice = Consequences.  I was accused of circular thinking…was Newton in his laws thinking circularly too?

I’m not here to criticize or judge others…that has never and will never be my place.  Here’s my thought on heaven and hell for the atheist.  If there is no God, then what is there to lose to believe?  By that I mean, if there’s nothing at stake at the end of human life then why not believe?  Flipping the coin isn’t there so much more to lose if there actually is a God and we chose not to explore, not to believe then we are at fault…I am at fault?


I don’t perceive to know what the afterlife will be like, but I believe there is one!  As far as other religions go, was I condemning them yesterday?  No.  But throughout all of humanity and our history, who other than Jesus Christ came to show Love?   Who other than Christ came to redeem and actually called Himself the Son of God?  Jesus even said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6) He didn’t say I am ONE of the ways, but THE way.  Jesus came for the entire world, not (and especially not) for the religiously legalistic, He came for those seeking.  In fact His own people rejected Him, and the Gentiles became recipients of His grace.  You can shoot holes in that all day, but the fact of the matter is that God never has given up on humanity.  He never will!

This brings me to my topic of conversation for today.


What do I stand for?  I stand for Absolute Truth.

There are those within our culture that will say that truth is relative, that when you boil down situational issues in life, one person’s truth may be another person’s non-truth.  But does that negate evidence that there is truth in our world?  The common question we must ask in this pursuit of truth is this; “What is truth?”  What do you believe truth to be?

If we look to science one can find this principle in action when we consider what the freezing point and the boiling point of things are can’t we?  This would be evidence of definitive proof that there is a law of absolutes already in place in our universe.   When Jesus made the claim that He was the way and the truth, He meant it.  Despite the fact that there are those who would re-write history to make it more palatable, one thing exists that cannot be shaken despite revisionists attempts.  Absolute truth will stand.  I don’t need to defend it, people have studied sociology, theology and many ‘ologies’ and if you hold to any kind of chaos theory if one were to boil it down it just doesn’t make sense.


Where did everything come from?  Unlike Stephen Hawking who insists that the universal ‘big bang’ took place without the presence of a God or an outside force…my question would be how did all of these elements come to be in the first place?  How did a molecule or the first form of life become something else?  If we look at this notion we begin to realize it is all theory and none of it can be proven.  I’m not saying that I’m anywhere near as smart as Hawking by any means, and you can call me ignorant or a fool or anything else you would like but I believe with my whole heart that there is an absolute truth in this Universe and His name is I AM…God.


What do I stand for?  I believe in absolute truth, I believe in order of the universe.  I believe we were all created for a purpose and not by accident, and I believe this world is full of hope and potential that reaches far beyond our physical lives…all because of this one absolute Truth that governs our world.

What do you stand for?

I enjoy discussions about differences and varying views, I’m not here to judge or shout down anyone…I’m just calling it how I believe God has shown me, and I believe in His truth.

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