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I was invited by Justin Bessler  www.justinbessler.com to join this whole writing process blog tour and, at first, I felt as if I wouldn’t have time to do this…but then I reconsidered and gladly accepted this task.  I am passionate about writing and this is just something that I couldn’t pass up.  

Listed below is my writing process thus far…


1) What am I working on?


Last year I wrote a little book about my experiences as a Missionary kid entitled “Just another missionary kid” Just Another Missionary Kid – Book.


I began this blog – http://www.pastorsponderings.org about two years ago with the intent of hashing out my own ponderings and thoughts…little did I know that the response to my little blog would be so immense.  I have truly been blessed while on this journey thus far.  In a matter of two years I have seen over 30,000 people come through the proverbial doors of this site.  The pursuit of life, the consideration of things that contain a spiritual emphasis are still relevant topics still today.  

Recently I began a collaboration of writers (and I’m still looking for more along the way) to write for a monthly contributor’s column called “Perspectives”.  Below of are those contributors for the April’s edition of this column.  

What is “Perspectives”, you ask?  It is a column of contributors writing on many various topics but have one singular aspect – Everything has a spiritual context.  check it out for yourself!  








2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Perhaps I differ in my approach to the topics of life, spirituality, Christ and the Church in that I long to have a conversation.  This isn’t about preaching at you.  My approach is mainly conversational and objective.  I want to get to the bottom of things, but it is also “Okay” to leave the question hanging if there is still “meat” on the bones and no way of gnawing all of it off.  

What is my genre by the way?  Perhaps it’s a cross between existentialism and philosophy with a little sarcasm thrown in for good measure.  All that I know is that I still have much to learn on this journey and I would love to have companions journeying with me, exploring life, love, and faith together.   


3) Why do I write what I do?

As my blog title reads, this is a pastor’s pondering.  I write because if I don’t I might spontaneously combust…is that even a word?  I have a passion for the written word and for this craft.  I desire not only to better myself in the process but to help other sojourners out there do the same.  I am neither a “know it all” nor am I a fool.  I write what I do because I know others are searching for meaning and purpose in life too.  I write what I do because I know I am not alone.  I write what I do because I desire to live life serving a God who sacrificed everything for me…and I want others to know this amazing Creator as well.  


4) How does my writing process work? –

I made it a goal on this blog to write one meaningful blog entry a day…I seemed daunting at the time, but it has worked thus far.  I don’t want to simply put something on this blog site, I want to add thoughts and questions as they come to me.  I plot out my weeks.  I write down my plan.  I implement my weekly plan and then make adjustments.  What started out as a haphazard experiment has kind of blossomed into a full fledged daily routine with a mission and purpose.  

Currently my most read blog article has been a prayer called “A Prayer for passion and re-ignition”  found here: https://pastorsponderings.org/2013/11/14/a-prayer-for-passion-and-re-ignition/

Every day people from all over the world check out this one prayer and once again I am floored by how small the world has become.  I am honored and humbled by the support of other writers and readers alike.  The writing process that has blossomed couldn’t have happened if not for the reader base that this site has generated over the last two years.  With that being said, I pray continually within this weekly process for the Lord to continue to bless and give me (and my other contributors) more insight and opportunities to reach readers for Christ.  Coupled with that prayer that we may all find a deeper faith within that relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  

I am excited to introduce you to a couple of people who have agreed to join this writing process blogging tour next Monday on May 12th.  

The first fellow blogger and friend is Timothy McPherson – Tim’s Blog Site
The second fellow blogger and friend is Jeff Carter – Jeff’s Blog Site

I look forward to you meeting them next week and I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to blog on this tour and for the slight chance to get to know you along this journey!  


Announcement: Pastor’s Ponderings – “Perspectives”

Power of Words

I hope the new year is treating you well and that you know the rich blessings of the resurrected Christ!

I wanted to let you know of something very exciting taking place here on this site in the coming months.  I have asked various writers, speakers and thinkers to contribute to this site in what will be called “Perspectives”.  This wonderful segment will be posted at the end of each month with a featured writer/pastor.  I would like to invite you to join us and offer support as well as be nourished under their very talented words.

It’s coming…are you ready for it?

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