Finding Freedom…stop the madness!

What are you 
                            Enslaved to?

ImageWhat holds 


So many victims…
                                          so many chains.

Enslaved to the things we own…
                                                  or is it the things which own us?



Image what is it that is clasped to your life
                                                                   threatening to drown you?   Image


How the pressure builds and builds

What holds us back, keeps us chained
refrained and sometimes

Wouldn’t you rather be 
set free? 

To find relief.
                    from the grief, 
                                        the chaos
                                                      this burden?  







I don’t want to lug this anymore…
To push and pull 
and never improve this lot…


Why would we EVER
be satisfied with this? 
When there is real Peace
                       real Hope
                       real Life
                       real Freedom Image …

The burning question is…
Why do we still live like we are still enslaved

                                                 still imprisoned
                                                 still chained…?  


Something to ponder today…and find freedom, live freedom, be freedom for others still blind and chained.  


Chains (a poem)

I’m sometimes a rebel,

with fists in the air

Striking out at the world

That is seemingly set against me

(Perhaps it’s all in my head)…

I am some times meek

But very rarely

Too proud, too set in my ways

These days I’d rather 

Tell off a driver who just 

Cut me off, but he has no clue…

Ah but perhaps these seasons

These emotions, turning like turbulent weather

Will cast me down

Will grow a bitter root deep down within me…

Perhaps this…right here, right now

Is my wake up call

My siren’s song

The swan song waiting to be played

Perhaps, as the sun begins to wane

And set that with it these chains

will fall heavily to the floor

And never more will they hold

Me poor and wretched…


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