Book/Comic Review: “IRIS” by Kyle Reardon

Admittedly, I am a comic/sci-fi fanboy.
When I heard that The Salvation Army’s Frontier Press was about to publish its first comic book/graphic novel, I was very excited!
I quickly pre-ordered a copy from Amazon, it’s now available for purchase here: IRIS Order Here

I enjoyed the story line, I won’t give away the content, but I immediately loved how science, ethics and Iris’ life gets mashed together in this first installment!

The only constructive criticism that I would offer is that I wished it had been in color.  I’m not sure if it was from an artistic standpoint or a budgetary one, but I understand…perhaps as the “first” the Army was testing the waters of this new field within “Salvo” publishing.  I found the character of Iris to be intriguing and I now want to know more!

I would recommend you pick up your copy today!  Maybe pick up two and keep the second in the plastic sleeve to start your collection.  I am looking forward to the next installment(s) of “IRIS”, thank you Kyle Reardon, Dennis Culver and Frontier Press for bringing this awesome genre to life within The Salvation Army!  The graphic novel is going to cater to younger generations, and give clean, healthy fun to the whole family!  Check it out today!
I give IRIS 4 1/2 Stars out of five (can’t wait for the next one!) 

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