True Heroes ARE Real!


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Yesterday I commented on the breaking story of the three women who had been kidnapped and held in a home for over tens years.  Again how sick is that?  Yet in the midst of this sickness and vile evil, a bright light of hope has arisen in this story.  A hero by the name of Charles Ramsey.  Yesterday he was interviewed by Anderson Cooper and the nation should be honored to have people like Mr. Ramsey in our midst.  At face value, he’s a humble guy who doesn’t want any recognition.  Upon further review he’s a solid Christian who just wants to do what is right!

Wow!  I couldn’t be more impressed with this man!  I’m not here to place anyone on a pedestal…and Mr. Ramsey clearly doesn’t want that either…but this is what I’ve been talking about for quite some time now.  Christians living the life and not just in word but also in deed.

In the interview yesterday Charles Ramsey lifted up his actual paycheck and told the nation that he didn’t want or deserve a reward and that any kind of reward should go to the women who were rescued.  Seriously I was floored and overjoyed to listen to this man speak.   Again I’m not trying to elevate him or sound boastful, but we need more Charles Ramseys in our world today!

It kind of provides for us the type of testimony each and every Christian ought to have as well.  We aren’t in it for the notoriety, or the money or to sell anything.  We are in it for life for Christ and the redemption of the world!  What He wants us to say we say, where He wants us to go we go.  We are His faithful disciples and ambassadors in a world who needs hope, who needs assurances that good and salvation yet remains.

Today, I applaud Mr. Ramsey for his integrity, his heroism and the fortitude he has displayed thus far.  May that be one of the shining examples of godly living to us as well as those around us.

True Heroes…they still exist…they ARE Real!

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