Prayers before sleeping (poem)

Somewhere in the night
Dreams become elusive
Slipping past the fingers
Lingering only just out of reach.
We tame our tongues
With teas that help us sleep
And yet our minds race
Knocking down reason
Regardless of the seasons
We lay awake on our backs
Staring into the blackened sky.
If it were but a simpler life
Ah, but too simple these idle hands
Would ne’er be truly satisfied
Knowing apart is laying dormant
Would come full circle.
No! But in the darkness
In the creaks and groans
I find the break to pray
Silence beckons these lips
To utter and these ears
To listen…ever seeking
To become more in tune
With His still small voice
Even in such a sleepless night as this.

At 3:57AM

At 3:57 in the morning
I check and recheck
My red glowing alarm
I should be asleep
Running through
Dreams in my head
Fluttering eye kids
Like the flapping of
It’s 3:57am
Sleep has once
Again escaped
By window
Or by back door
I’m not sure
But I am not
Alone in the early
Hours before down
Just outside my
Bedroom window
A lonely snow plow
Is pushing up mounds
Of freshly fallen snow
There goes my driveway
Oh well….but as I lie
Here with eyes wide open
And ears alert to the ongoings
I believe that as this heart
Thumps to the rhythm of
The passing plow
We connect at some level
He and I
Both comrades before
The dawn
At 3:57 this one time
Chance encounter
Will go unnoticed by the plow
Though for me
And my sideways glances
At the crimson glow
I am content
To just lie here
For but a little while

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