Let it be…for now.

Sometimes logic fails


violence prevails

life…gets lost in the details

Sadness descends 

like a thick fog 

blurring our vision 

obstruction of mission

and solitary admission 

is required.

The doldrums of the day

can never compare 

to living a peace 

despite acceptance 

often it evades us 

leaves us dejected

rejected and hopelessly 

infected with a burdened heart

could we overcome this? 

Could we find the light again? 

We fumble in the dark 

tripping over each other

sister and brother

hurting each other

can we truly overcome this? 

One day, 

one mighty 

and awesome day

this too will be but a dream

and when we wake 

the lights will be on. 

until then our little ambient 

of heart and strength 

must be enough 

so just let it be!  

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