My Morning (Poem)

The birds are singing – my alarm clock, 

as the sun peaks into my room

bending its way through our sephia blinds

winding up to the bed post

creeping in and under these eye lids…okay

I will rise, embrace this new morning.


stepping over discarded toys on the stairs

blurred vision, grog in my head

weighted by a slumbering dream; 

taking promise of the sunrise, 

and the brewer in hand

thick ebony grounds are scooped up, 

some granules, over flowing, coat my fingers…
i let them linger, allowing its redolent flavors to waft..

ignition of the senses, eyes gather focus 

pouring water deep down into its reservoir…

then I wait.  

Shaking cobwebs from the edges of my mind

percolating coffee, smooth romance to my ears

I think to myself, ‘watch pot never percolates’ 

and fathom countless minutes before my cup is poured

taste buds salivate linger and long for this morning’s first taste

as if all other mornings we have be deprived

and never tasted its succulent grace.

This is my morning.  


Burning the Christmas Tree


I burned the Christmas tree tonight…

warm summer breeze blew in to join

in the ol lang syne and somber tune

which added its fuel as we danced and sang

one last time.

The yule tree, now more of a yule log

hisses at us now, popping and wheezing

replacing the hohoho’s and the cheer,

blazing now here on the second of June.

This dried up timber with its wafting

scent, merriment and good tidings

cracklin’ gladly, roaring in this silent night.

I burned the Christmas tree tonight

and the boughs were a light once

more, brighter than before

in this final leg of festooning

and holiday mirth…and a lowly ornament,

long forgotten, smolders now glowing

amber, brilliantly mixing the fragrance of

the holly and the ivy with the

smells of barbecues and camping days…

and the freshly  mowed green lawn.

The ornament aglow now…although more inflames,

almost reflecting the gifts now discarded

beneath its canopy, and the wrappings

now too far gone having shuffled off their

mortal coils, after advents and deepening snows

of mid february’s gustings.

So too the tree has never been

so alight tonight.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

How lovely are your burning branches

The fire bright with summer light

the soothing glow of ember’s might

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

how lovely to behold you

…one last time.

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