Sad News: General Bond to Retire.


Today shock waves reverberated around The Salvation Army world when the news of the sudden retirement of its General, Linda Bond was announced. Many expressed sadness and confusion along with many, many questions.

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I believe as an Army we should refrain from idle speculation and avoid the winds of gossip and instead lift up our leadership and General Bond in prayer. If we are truly One Army, then we ought to come together as one Army and bathe this sudden transition in prayer. Though many hearts are burdened and saddened with questions, may our mission and our purpose never waver! We are an Army of Holiness and if we are truly sanctified people then we have placed our trust fully on God in the midst of often turbulent news.

I, personally was honored to hear General Linda Bond preach the word of Christ, and I felt His Holy Spirit fall upon His people. I was challenged and blessed by her ministry, and though I am but a lowly corps officer I felt God’s empowering words flow through her messages.

General Linda Bond has left a lasting impact on this Army, though her leadership was cut a year short, I am confident in the One who appointed her through the Army leadership located around the world. I also pray for whatever lies ahead for General Bond as she heads into retirement, knowing that the Lord is truly not finished with her yet.

May God continue to Bless The Salvation Army, it’s ministry and mission around the world…and may we ever be diligent in proclaiming Christ in everything we do!

God Bless you General Bond, and we will continue to lift you up in our prayers as you move into retirement!

***Update: please read a follow-up to this article on this blog regarding the High Council and dates of initial proceedings:

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