A Prayer For Boston

Sometimes there are days, like today that people just don’t make sense…and circumstances don’t make sense either. I heard it on the radio today that an act of terrorism (yes let’s call it what it is) took place within our country, this time in Boston.

My prayers go out to those effected by this horrific event…no one should have to experience something like this. Acts of violence perpetrated by single individuals or groups all end be same way, more blood shed.

I won’t sermonize this event…I just want to ask that we pray for those who have been injured and effected in other ways.

Lord be with those who are hurting right now, for those who are afraid…be their Rock and Fortress. You are the Great Physician, please provide healing and miracles. Lord, you are a God of love and justice, and we ask that those who harm others would find your justice as we too consider out actions daily. Provide your understanding in times like this when nothing makes sense. Your Kingdom and Will be done in our lives today. -Amen.

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