At the Well…





He seated himself beside the well 
sun beating down, heat of the day
swelling and shimmering in the heat
a mirage swiveled and swirled in the distance
she came, reputation and all
she walked the dusty path alone
she bore the scorn and shame
every day like this.

He saw her pensively waiting there,
waiting for Him to move on  
waiting for Him to step aside
so that cool water, crisp and clean
could be drawn and taken home…
Yet He doesn’t falter
He looks at her, as if He knows her shame.
Yet, undeterred He remains
no look of disgust
of retribution
of Anger
He looks at her, 
asks for a drink
then offers her something more
something lasting
Identities are shared, 
His sends her running back into town
with news beyond her reputation
beyond her guilt and fear of the town’s gossip…
Messiah – with Eternal Water
drink deeply, receive and share
it is for the whosoever…
after all.  





Victory in the midst of tragedy!



Breaking News Story:

I saw the breaking news story today about the three women who had been kidnapped and held for ten years. WOW, seriously TEN YEARS! That just boggles the mind to think of the horrors they must have endured within that ten year span. I am overjoyed to hear of their rescue and freedom and mortified at the same time that within our population monsters really do exist among us.


Have you ever been to a Walmart? I’m sure you have. Have you ever looked at all of the faces of the missing people that they have posted on that bulletin board in front of the checkout area? It really is sobering to think that darkness is real in our lives. Sure we can ignore it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s gone. Like a kid who pulls the blankets up over their eyes we can close our eyes to the horrors and pretend they don’t exist but unlike the monsters under the bed and in the closet these monsters are very real!

Another form of darkness in our world, similar to these horrible experiences of these women in our news story today is the plight of human trafficking in our world today. It’s kidnapping on an epic scale. It’s deplorable to even think that there is a market for humans. That one can even put a price on another human being. It’s the modern day form of slavery. One can imagine what these three women experienced when in the hands of this monster…just imagine being bought and sold a number of times on top of these horrors. I’m not trivializing what this breaking story today has detailed but knowing that there are other women out there in similar circumstances even in our own country really churns my stomach.

Freedom was available today for these kidnapped women and I am so joyful for their freedom and I pray for their healing and the help they will need for years to come. Please lift them up in your prayers today as well as those on Walmart walls around the country and for victims in the sex trafficking slave market the plagues our world still today.


Additional links to help stop human trafficking in our world:

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