My Christmas Sofa.

The wrapping paper, all ripped from the packaging is strewn on the couch and the floor. The bows have oddly landed on Christmas tree branches, the cat and the carpet. All of the children are exploring their presents, while the dog in the corner gnaws on a Christmas bone. In the twinkling lights of Christmas morning, with presents unwrapped, the tree begging for release and house eviction, and the smell of a cooking roast in the kitchen, the small voice of rest beckons to me. It isn’t very loud, but for a meek whisper which had, for two months, be drowned out by the hustle and bustle of this life. That voice whispers now into my ear, “Christmas is here”, and I find, with eyes drooping, the soft fabric of the living room sofa. That pillow, that had been someone’s seat, though still warm from gift unwrapping, makes a splendid pillow underneath this heavy head. Propping up my feet, following the countless miles of the ebb and flow of this to and fro lifestyle…ah, it feels good!  Isn’t it funny how the holidays makes us pace the carpet, chew our nails, sending hyperventilation into the record books (mine was six weeks long this time around)? Now, with calloused feet de-socked and propped, and head upon this pillow still warm…that long winter’s nap calls and finally I will answer her siren’s spell. Some where in the background the noise of the television drones on, children laugh, bicker then laugh again…soon I will drift off, like a Grizzly in the wild into a hibernation state…but for a short time expelling the world, rejecting the pace while matching the tempo of a slumbering heart beat with shallow breaths…maybe a snore will be expelled, who knows?! Though here on my Christmas sofa, I am content to remain for but a moment disconnected, prayerfully undetected…let me slumber but for a bit.

Merry Christmas, and happy new nap…I mean new year!


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  1. By George, you’ve elevated the couch nap to art form! Best possible when one can allow himself to feel it is well deserved, and long overdue.

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