Morning Wakeup call…ugh



Sometimes we need a wakeup call.   As we shake cob webs from our eyes, lifting the heavy weight pressing against our brains from slumbering visions. 


The darkness of before sun rise might as well be groaning to us in the dull emptiness of breaking dawn. 


This is my bitter pill in the swill of body aches and still sleeping children down the hall.  This routine repeats for four more days and then a reprieve for both myself and the sleeping ogres that I’m about to awaken.  Moans of protest echo down the hallway making the dog nervous as yawns escape seemingly ready to shatter window panes withdrawing then repeating again…until cereal bowls make their parade entrance on the kitchen table meeting the jingle and jangle of falling flakes or cereal, a breakfast of champions they say although we all feel like the loser in this particular round.  But the bell has rung, we, with slightly crumpled clothing and half the socks that we need, convey upon this early morning to engage education, heavy traffic and for me bottomless cups of coffee hoping to fill that vacant void of sweet alluring dreams and soothing pillows and down filled blankets…it’s a cold comfort at the moment…yet perhaps by noon the slumber will be shaken from our eyes, our day will become brighter, reality a little safer…but for now just pour me another cup of coffee and let’s get on with it. 



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