Here comes the pitch…

“Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you”

Psalm 55:22


I always get this image in my mind when I think of this passage of some guy throwing this big heap of cares in the general direction of Jesus like a pitcher would a ball to home plate.  Yet when I pause and truly consider the implications of such a passage however, I quickly realize that this passage is about my cares, my concerns, my frustrations.  Everyone who reads this passage ought to find some peace of mind in the knowledge that this verse is for us! 


Do you have cares?  Concerns?  I know I do, and what I am reminded of is that I don’t have to carry these concerns and troubles alone.  I am reminded of the promise at the end of this verse, not only do we find peace of mind in that we can cast our worries, concerns and cares onto Him, but the verse promises that He will sustain us through it all!  The word sustain is an interesting word to me it means to support, to keep something in position and also to nourish.  With so many descriptive definitions of this one solitary word I can begin to find more comfort in what it is that He will do for me when I relinquish control of my cares and concerns. 


He will hold me steadfast, support me and also nourish my feeble strength…now that’s a promise worth checking out today!  I’m at the pitcher’s mound…here goes.



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