Saturday in the underworld.


It’s Saturday.  The day after crucifixion, Jesus’ death.  Can you just imagine all of heaven, holding their collective breath?  The Angels’ anxiously awaiting, anticipating what is to come?  Did they know what God had in store for Sunday?  Were they party to the entire plan?  The hosts of heaven gathering at the tomb, gathering unseen among the disciples, who are in hiding.  Imagine what is unseen in the spirit world, as Jesus descends into the deep, setting the captives free and unleashing redemption through the veil.

This Saturday lull before the storm of victory makes us wonder what the metaphysical world looked like on such a day.  What battles were fought.  The might of God unleashed on the fallen ones.  How awesome the power of Christ would have been to behold…it would have probably killed us, who are human, to have witnessed this might.  For even Moses had to cover himself in the sight of God…so too Elijah.


It’s Saturday, probably the day within the Resurrection story that the unseen and the hosts of Hell were shaken to the core by the Son of God.  This epic battle…Satan standing no chance against his very own Creator.  Death, though the gate by which Christ entered, had no more power on Him than all of the demons of hell…He was not their equal, He was so much more than created…he was Creator vanquishing and unleashing those imprisoned.

There is very little within scripture to tell us of what took place on Saturday, but if Sunday is any indication of what took place, all of the demons along with the father of lies himself must  tremble with fear when they consider what is to come when Christ returns again.


It’s might be Saturday on this holy week, but resurrection is just around the corner…resurrection and  victory for all who would follow after the Christ.  For all who would identify with the cross will find an eternal hope and a resurrection unlike any other known in the universe.


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