Amazing Grace…showing love when love is barren.



Some thoughts on grace today…after all, isn’t that what Christ’s redemption story is all about? We are those who spurned God, rejected Him, sinned and fell hard…we damned ourselves.  We held the match while the bridge burned all the while smelling of gasoline…so to speak.  Christ came so that we might once again have hope of Eternal life.  When Christ died, the bridge called grace was built and lowered for us once again.  Did we deserve this gift?  No!  But grace is still given to us, despite our stubborn, stiff-necked attitudes.

Turning the tables:

Who in your life needs some grace today?  If we are to receive grace from God, then aren’t we to in turn extend that grace to others?  Extending grace to others isn’t for the weak of heart…it takes real guts, courage and fortitude. Extending that grace to those who have spurned you, mocked you, disliked you, ‘un-friended’ you, doesn’t mean you should expect that grace to be reciprocated back…it simply means you love them despite their indifference, and act as Christ would act…you may be the only reflection of Christ that they ever see. Extending grace, means you live consistently within that love and grace regardless of who it is that grace falls upon.


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