Giving up on Easter?


It’s April 1st today.  Obviously the stores are all preparing for the next big holiday and opportunity to make money.


The Easter bunnies, Lilies and other ‘seasonal’ items are on sale at severely discounted prices…it’s a steal!  But the thought came to mind this morning, are we giving up on Easter?

Not so much the Easter eggs or the fancy dresses, but rather the the implication of resurrection in our lives.  Our culture moves at such a fast pace that Easter is literally and figuratively yesterday’s news and we move on to the next best thing.  But are we missing out?  Are we losing the true meaning of Easter when we cast our vision on tomorrow and miss out on the sacredness of Jesus’ resurrected ministry before the ascension?


I think the answer is yes.  I reminds me of driving on the highway.  I like to speed a little, and down I go on the highway making good time, and once in a while I will drive right by an exit that I’m supposed to take.  I have to keep driving up the road, which is out of my way and make a u-turn at the next exit to reach my destination.  So it is sometimes with us, who are immersed in our cultures.  We get up to cruising speed, we’re really speeding through life and we miss our exit.  We miss the destination all together if we’re not careful.  The danger is the meaning of the resurrected Christ vanishes in our fast paced lifestyles.

When Jesus said I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10) He wasn’t just saying words to make us feel better, He truly meant them!  We can have new life, new hope, new peace…but if we speed by this wondrous event at the speed of light we may never grasp it.

It may be Monday, the day after Resurrection Sunday, but don’t be too quick to move onto the next best thing.  Take some time today to reflect on Resurrection, Eternity, Heaven, God’s Kingdom here on Earth!  Take your time, ponder it, and allow the peace that passes all understanding fill you today.  Don’t give up on Easter just yet…matter of fact, don’t give up on it at all.  This event was epic, never duplicated again and Christ invites us to the empty tomb today to participate in this resurrected life and to live it abundantly.

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