Book Review: “Falling in Love with God” by Bob Hostetler



Hey all, a little over a month ago I was asked to give a book review on a book that just released yesterday, April 9th, 2013.  The book is called, “Falling in love with God” by Bob Hostetler.  If you get a chance to, pick up a copy and read it for yourself!  

For your convenience I have posted two links where you can purchase this great book:

As I read this epic story of God’s love for his people anew through the eyes of Hosea, Hostetler illustrates for us to the lengths in which our Father in Heaven will go to buy back His Bride from the deepest darkest depths of total depravity.  Hostetler weaves this journey of God’s Redemptive love in a very practical and personal way for us today!  Not only does he accurately expound on the scriptures of the book of Hosea, but brings our lives into focus for the here and now!  How God desires to love us more deeply, and He wants us to love Him back!   If you have ever pondered the extent in which God will go to win back His Bride, read the book of Hosea in the Bible, then pick up a copy Bob Hostetler’s new book:  “Falling in Love with God“.  I know you won’t regret it, check it out and I know you will be blessed as I was when you read its pages.



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