“I Don’t Care!”


This is my biggest pet peeve in my house.  I have a pre-teen boy, and his teenage brother, and both of them use this phrase all of the time.  It drives me absolutely crazy!  To me, it speaks of an apathetic life style that I can not tolerate in my life or the lives of those whom I love.  The world, unfortunately, has far too many people who are apathetic to circumstances and other people.

To me one of the worst qualities in our culture currently isn’t hatred, lust, or envy, it’s apathy.  From this one faulty characteristic flows all of the rest of that which is broken in our fallen world.  The “I don’t care” mentality strikes and literally breaks the heart of God.  I believe this to be absolutely true especially in the Church.

If the church, of all places, cultivates an “I don’t care” mentality then its doors should just close today, because with it dependence on God evaporates.  With this mentality intact inside the doors of the church, it becomes the church of Satan.   Harsh words?  Of course, but isn’t that what Satan wants most from those who are Christ-followers; to quit, to stop caring, to give up the fight?

I’m not sure about you, but I never want to embrace the “I don’t care” mentality.  Because to do so, I give up that which does matter, and the One the does care…for me, and the rest of this world.

I DO CARE!  Should be our motto when faced with this apathetic attitude even within us.      I DO CARE, because God cared for me even before I knew Him.                                            I DO CARE, because I didn’t deserve redemption yet Christ gives it to me freely!                           I DO CARE, because I have been charged by Christ within the great commission to care for those who still needs to hear the good news!

Why do you care?  Praise God for simple reminders, and those moments of conviction in all of us!  I DO CARE, how about you?



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