From safety to security (Poem)


I look out of my window

through panes of glass

the blur

warbling images

as I glace from side

to side.

The light parades


dancing to the

jostling rotation

of this God breathed


From inside

safe and sound

perhaps more in


than in body.

Reality – outside

bleeds darker shades

crimson blending

into the soil.

Heart ache

well within reach

yet, if I close my eyes

I can

make believe

it doesn’t exist

safe behind my tempered glass.

But glancing

from side to side

eyes wide

taking it all in

it would be a sin

to ignore it.

A sin to make believe

it isn’t there.

A sin to stay…

to remain seated

safe and sound

in my little corner…

Something within me

beyond me


that I should go.

He beckons

that I should act.

Oh Lord,

I have little strength

how can I do

what you would me do?”

And from my little corner

peering out

I hear Him say;

My child who says

you should use

your strength?

for yours would

but a fraction be,

a second

in an hours time…

I will go with you.

 My strength I 

will impart

to you,

I will walk before,

beside and behind…

you will never be left alone.


I am on the outside,

at times uncertain…

not of His presence

and power

but of where

He will lead

me next

for I go,

not in my strength

but in the One


beckons me onward.

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