Still my heart often, Dear Lord




when these thoughts


sprint off

into the hundred

meter dash

faster ever faster

feet a blur in its movement…


this is when I know 

I must slow this 

wearied pace. 


my heart, 

a drum beat 

chugging endlessly


one hundred and twenty

a rhythm that I

cannot catch 

a train that has 

pulled itself


from the station 

departure has come and gone…


when I am standing 

at the terminal 

in full view of 

the departing 

in my horizon, 

I know it’s time 

to slow the pace 


Speak to me 

Great heavenly Host


the Son

and the Holy Ghost, 

Though I dread 

the stilling of my heart

Often when I don’t

when I ignore

am blinded by these

feeble chores  

how quickly time departs

from me and all that I 

hold dear

derailed by the passing 


the stress 

the rain of my expecting 


Yet often, 

more than I care to count

you still my heart

you sit me down

and speak within me

a silent stirring 

that calls me to this 

deeper devotion

far surpassing all of 

my schedules and calendars

and things to do…


my heart

once again 

dear Lord…

for often I will too 

soon forget.  

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