Got Faith?


The other day I was driving down the road when I realized that I had neglected to fill my van with gas.  I was on ‘E’ and the warning light was on giving me an indication that I had less than ten miles to an empty tank.  It is never fun to be stuck in traffic only to realize that you have to get off somewhere and refuel.  For a time, panic set in and I was hoping I wouldn’t run out in the middle of moving traffic…I kept thinking of embarrassing It would be.

Are you running empty today in the faith department?  Is the warning light on in your life? 



What is it? Why is it so hard to grasp at times, and other times the only thing that makes sense? 

You’ve heard it said that faith is like the wind, you can’t see the wind but you can feel the effects of the wind.  So too it is with this thing we call ‘Faith’.  It is vital that we possess it, yet many people lack enough of it to sustain their walk with God.  

Does God supply us with faith?  Yes, Romans 12:3 says, ” God gives varying measures of faith to his people”  So how do we get more of faith when we lack it?  Because if you and I were honest with ourselves and with God we would find that there are times when we are lacking in the faith department.  James 1:5 says “If any of you are lacking wisdom let him ask God and He will give it liberally.”  The same goes for faith.  Do you lack faith in your life right now?  Is your faith tank on ‘E’?  Ask God to fill you again. 

The key is that we must ask!  It’s not that God doesn’t already know, it’s that He wants us to verbalize it in our lives to Him.  He wants us to make it personal, to realize that we need Him.  We are lost without His sustaining power and grace.  When we ask, the scriptures say that He will supply.  

Today, perhaps instead of asking for anything else we should ask God to fill our tank of faith.  We all could use an added dose of it, am I right?  The issues we face, the struggles, the stress, the doubt are nothing in comparison to the might and strength of our Father in Heaven.  If we allow Him access to our lives by asking Him to enter we will be amazed at what takes place.  

Do you lack faith today?  Let this journey of yours begin by asking Him to fill you up with His grace and to grant you more faith.  He will glad supply it to those who ask without agenda or selfish intentions.  

Seek Him, and ask Him today.  

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