So What?


You know…I hate to do it…but here goes:  SO WHAT?

There’s a lot of stories out there talking about the breaking news of Jason Collins’ ‘coming out’ revelation.  My opinion really doesn’t matter and I’m not really going to share that, but my whole take on the actual story as a whole is “SO WHAT?”.  Meaning does that really effect anything on the court or on the field of play.  Take away any moral (conservative or liberal) view on the topic of being gay, and just look at it from the perspective of someone’s professional life.  It really doesn’t matter.

Now (and I love flipping the coin) on the topic of Tim Tebow…should the headlines on his story be that he’s a Christian or that he just can’t play the needed position of Quarterback in the NFL?  Now, don’t get me wrong I like Tim Tebow, I just haven’t seen him play successfully at a starting QB position in the NFL.  Again if the story is  or the lead in is that He’s a Christian…again I say “SO WHAT?”  Both Jason Collins and Tim Tebow seem to be really great guys and I’m not criticizing them by any means!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Christianity or defaming/berating anyone’s personal life here, but in the spectrum of being a professional in any sports arena/league a person’s abilities and presence on the field/court should always trump their personal life.  Looking at it from an objective stand point (and I’m sure there will be those who will disagree with me), I am sure that there are countless Christians in the NFL yet they don’t rely solely on their faith to propel them in their profession, it also takes hard work, effort and talent.  The same is probably true for athletes who are gay…it just doesn’t matter on the field.  You can’t rely solely on your orientation and/or personal life to propel you forward.

I am not slamming anyone here, by any means, what I am saying is from an objective stand point of any professional sports all that is important on the field is that a player can play the game and that their personal life remains personal.  I wouldn’t stop watching sports because a player comes out as gay, nor would I stop watching a sport if a player came out to declare his faith, Christian or otherwise.  On the personal side of things SO WHAT?

I do apologize if I have offended anyone here, not my intention, just a random opinion from a guy who doesn’t have all of the answers…yet 😉


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