On-line Bullies…let me at em!!

A Story about the effects of Bullying:

Star Wars Kid Years Later Talks about his horrific experience:

I’m sure almost everyone has seen the star wars kid on youtube and other viral video sites…did you know that he was mortified when this video was released without his knowledge or permission?  And because of it he had to change schools and suffer the behind the hand snickers and ridicule of being an unwanted celebrity.

The new forms of bullying is truly alive and well on the world wide web!  Can I make a confession?  I hate bullies.  I know hate is a tough word but seriously bullies are cowards that pick on their victims…it’s painful and I absolutely can’t stand people who conduct themselves in this manner.

Perhaps you’ve been there as a child or even as an adult…we should be mindful of the viral world that our children are exposed to in this world and be vigilant in protecting them along with others who are incapable of protecting themselves.   Be the difference in your children’s lives and those that you are able to protect!  Stand up to bullies!  This is more than just a PSA, this should be a way of life!   Be a change maker in the lives of those who are being picked on or bullied!   Stand up and make a difference!


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