Evolutionary Environmentalist…



(Art Created by Vik Muniz…he created these photos and art at the land fill outside Rio)

I saw a convicting documentary last night it was called “Waste Land”  and it was about the world’s largest landfill located just outside of Rio De Janeiro Brazil.  Two things occurred when I saw this film, humanity and the slum conditions of this lower class people in Brazil struck me as horrific and surreal…it was a visceral experience.


The second thing that struck me was the global waste problem we are causing.  From these waste mountains, for that is what they truly are, toxic gases occur, toxic run off takes place, health of both man and beast takes place and we are continually polluting our world through these unsafe practices.


The amazing journey of world renown Brazilian artist and photographer Vik Muniz inspired me in my attempts to leave a cleaner world than I found it.  I’m not by any means a ‘tree-hugger’ type of environmentalist but God did place man in charge of this world to take care of it…and we are not doing a  very good job.

Unfortunately corporate greed and cutting costs world-wide is an epidemic that lines the pockets of the very rich and creates continued poor health conditions for not only for those working in land fills such as that in Brazil but for factory workers like those who lost their lives in Bangladesh recently because labor laws are virtually non-existent in most third world countries.

Here are three things we all can do to support a cleaner world for all of us:


1) Purchase items sold via fair-trade and the fair-trade labels:



This gives local farmers and regional workers who get undercut by large companies and corporate markets a fair shot at selling their good products…thereby  being able to feed their families and support their local areas of commerce.


2) Spend a little more on ‘clean’ earth friendly products.  You might spend a few cents more, but in the long run generations will thank you and you will contribute less waste and/or toxic chemicals in our global environment.  Most of these products are also safer for kids and are also less harmful in the long term in regards to all of our health.

Read though, study what is actually earth/environmentally friendly…some companies are producing ‘like’ products to entice consumers to purchase their goods when in fact they are still harmful and/or toxic, they just dressed it up to look the part.  Study and buy correctly!


3) Recycle!  Reuse and reduce…it may be a pain in the butt…it may take you a little longer to dispose of your waste…but consider the long term effects.  Consider how much of a difference you are making on the world around you!  If you recycle and you are conscience of things that you use every day you can contribute and help fulfill our roles as good stewards of this world that God has entrusted us with.

-Just a thought…From a non-green tree-hugger, but one who is quite conscious of how beautiful our world is and how God intended it to be.  I guess that’s the evolutionary process of this compassionate conservative environmentalist…btw…thanks go out to my loving wife who has continually reminded me of this important role that we ought to play here on earth.

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