From Darkness into Light (Poem)

Taking each moment

breath by breath

leaving my old life

assuming the new.

I don’t deserve this

death was my closest friend

embraced by a moment

found by the light.

Cold, lost and empty

now standing up right.

Could we be salvaged?

Could we be saved? 

Hanging by a thread

my soul in the grave…


But you come to me 

when I had nothing else

But you lifted me 

when I was drowning 

I was going down.


Confronting my demons

facing my shame

retracing my shadows

for much I’m to blame…

Yet your light falls on me

Binding all of sorrows

soaking up my broken mess

joy becomes me

joy infiltrates all that I am

penetrating my defenses

and redeeming this lost and lonely soul…

this is redemption

from darkness into light.


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