On A Gravel Road

I was walking the gravel dirt road

night had long since fallen

the coolness of the evening 

rushed to embrace me as 

its body, a wisp of fog descended.

Each step seemed so loud to me 

in the still silence of the cooling night

as the mule in the pasture next to me

grazing still moving onto another green blade

he must be a night owl in the mammalia world

ushering his fellow creatures off to beds of straw

laying down upon the damp earth…

as I walked loudly by, 

rocks and gravel crunching underfoot, 

I, for a moment in my existential longings

considered who I was…a mere man, 

nothing special…blessed, of course

by a God of amazing grace…all an epiphany 

on a walk on a gravel road at night.  


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