No one likes change.

Don’t believe me?  You think you enjoy change?  Everyone in one shape or form has a routine and/or a method of doing things.  If that routine or method gets altered by anyone other than ones self we automatically become uncomfortable at a rate which matches the degree of change involved.

To illustrate my point, let me tell you a story.  It’s a rather sad story but it paints for us an accurate description of what change can do to us and for our need/dependence upon things to remain the same.

A few years ago a nursing home in my local area began to work on a new property that would be eventually replace its existing residential site.  This new location would be state of the art and include a lot of the modern day necessities that the old location simply did not have.

After much work, construction and interior decoration the new nursing home was finally completed.  As advertised it had all of the new bells and whistles necessary to modernize the facility for years to come.  When it came time for the transportation of the senior residence who had lived in the old unit and were now to embark on this relocation, the staff found resistance.  They attempted to help the residence adjust to this change by having members of their families assist in the process.

It was tedious and difficult and yet finally all of the senior residence were relocated to the new location.   At first all seemed well and the staff began to grow accustomed to their new work stations and surroundings.  But over time something truly disturbing began to take place.  One at a time many of the ‘original’ residence of the old facility began to pass away.

It might sound like natural causes but what actually took place upon further investigation was that these original residence of the old facility had grown comfortable in their old routines.  They were used to each nook and cranny of the old property.  Everything was very familiar to them.  But when they were relocated to a new building, despite its modern conveniences, they simply could not cope with the change.  Because of this change, many of them simply gave up.

It is certainly a sad tale!

I believe that there is a correlation here for us today as well.  We may grow accustomed to our lives and routines.  We find comfort in some of the mundane things of life.  And when change comes we may appear on the outside as accepting, even embracing these changes, but on the inside we find ourselves a little panicked and afraid.

Change is not necessarily bad or evil mind you, and we can eventually adapt to things.  But remember that change is an inevitability in this life.  Like it or not.  There are obviously changes that we welcome in life and then there are changes that we fear and avoid at all costs.  When change does come to your door always remember one vital truth:  though situations and circumstances change, God never does!  Hebrews 13:8 says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


-Just a thought.

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