And there you have it…the announcement has finally been made:

Our new General is: General Andre’ Cox

Here is His profile – 


Commissioner CoxChief of the Staff
International Headquarters

Date of birth: 12 July 1954

Nationality: British/Swiss

Home corps: Genève 1, Switzerland & Austria Territory

Commissioned: 25 May 1979

Married: Silvia Volet, 25 September 1976



Switzerland and Austria Territory
Corps (June 1979)

Zimbabwe Territory
PR (July 1987), THQ (June 1992)
Financial Secretary (April 1994)

Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory
Head of Communications Department (October 1997)
Business Administrator (February 2002)

Finland and Estonia Territory
Territorial Commander (July 2005)

Southern Africa Territory
Territorial Commander (October 2008)

United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland
Territorial Commander (May 2012)

International Headquarters
Chief of the Staff (February 2013)

As the General takes His official office he could possibly pick his Chief of the Staff from one of these candidates if he so chooses.

The world has anxiously awaited this announcement and I am sure that there will be much thought given to our new General’s mission and vision for The Salvation Army in our world and he will provide us the leadership that we have been praying for.  This new General comes at the heals of an abrupt departure of General Linda Bond, who subsequently took early retirement for ‘personal reasons’.  Though this event took the Army by surprise, our World Leaders rallied and convened rather quickly to the High Council in order to stem off any additional vacancies or additional issues.  It is unfortunate that the High Councils had to convene a year early, but as many have said, the Lord has provided and we will continue to trust in God’s guidance for the future!  

On behalf of the Soldiery around the world we wish to congratulate General Andre’ Cox, and we will be praying for his leadership and for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to continue to use this Army for the Lord! 


4 thoughts on “High Council: GENERAL ANNOUNCED

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  1. This General of God’s Army is the Lord’s doing. I wish General Andre Cox success throughout his tenor of office.

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