Extinguished Light

Another light has been extinguished
Smoldering, wisps of smoke ascend
The questioning eyes, the long goodbyes
Break our tattered hearts,
tearing hope from our fingertips.
And from our lips
The utterings of soul wrecked grief.
You extinguished this flame
You wouldn’t let go
Too slow we’re our footprints
And empty hands have replaced
The warm embraces that we once knew.
Why the sudden, awful quickening of time?
Why the rhythmic motion of stories left untold?
How we wish to turn the next page
To find out what’s next as this story unfolds…
Yet you ripped it from our grasp.
Life be damned, but we were left
stricken and alone.
We were struck
by your darkened night
As you blew out your light
And we are left hold and picking
up the shattered pieces while
floundering in the darkness.


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