Frustrations (A Poem)


Sometimes it’s hard to be

As meek as lambs

When the wolves are circling

Sometimes it’s hard to be light

And Show this love

When the daggers are out.


Would someone please

Protect my back

I’m under attack

No support for me this time

Can’t you read between the lines.


Sometimes all hope

Seems to break away

When these tongues are wagging

Sometimes I forgot In whom I serve

Lord I’m blinded by this mess

all these saints are dragging


Would someone please

Boldly step up

I feel as If alone

Where are my brothers in arms

When the saints become the curse?


Help me Christ my solid rock

For I feel I’m sinking quick

These sinners saved by grace

Seem to only save themselves

this hurt has made me sick.


But Your hand, your hand is reaching

And Your love, Your love is soothing

You give me strength when no one else can

You give me hope, Your solid rock I stand! 

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