Trust Fall

“Those who trust in The Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.” (Psalm 125:1)

When I was a teenager I worked at camp. Before the camping season even began and the children poured into cabins and onto the docks of the lake for a swim, we (the staff), would first begin with team building exercises. These exercises included climbing obstacles, figuring out puzzles and my worst fear: the trust fall. I had difficulty trusting those around me. I hated having to let go. I feared what might happen if those behind me chose not to catch me. I envisioned the pain that I would feel to fall to the ground. I also imagined my bruised pride as I might lay there looking up at people who really did not care to help me in my time of need. Luckily those scenarios never happened. I never fell to the ground, nor did those gathered below me choose not to catch me. But I still had trust issues. Do you have trust issues?


Read Psalm 125:1 again. There is a key word that ties everything else together within this sentence; the word “Trust”. Trust can be a powerful companion, but it can also be the one weakness within the armor of faith. Ask yourself honestly, “how much do I trust my Lord?” It’s a startling question with many, many different answers. For some of us we struggle to trust anyone, let alone God. For others trust is attainable but only after every other resource has been extinguished. Still others, the very few, trust is all that they possess and God is near to them at every human endeavor.

Which one represents you today? How much do you trust the Savior? Are you willing to go where He beckons? Are you placing your all in His hands? Have you ever had trust issues? Do you still envision in your mind how it will feel when God lets you down? Trust Him today. He won’t let you fall. He won’t let you down. We too can place our all in His hands and find that we will endure forever because of His unfailing strength and love. Let go…and fall into His safe and loving arms today.

-Just a thought…perhaps a frightening thought at that.

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