An Idle Saturday Morning.

I am laying in bed listening to the sounds of the wailing wind through a half cracked bedroom window. The swirl of rotting leaves, a cacophony of sound merrily at a play in the frosty yard below. I have no where to go on this cold November morning. No plans to keep, or commitments to make…yet I am restless. I once heard that idle hands are the devil’s play ground, but on this morning encompassed by a gale of fury with winter knocking, I am all but content in remaining absolutely still.

One thought on “An Idle Saturday Morning.

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  1. Hi I do appreciate your pastors ponderings. I pass them on so they can encourage others.
    Sometime it’s good to BE STILL. Indeed philosophers get paid for being still and just pondering.
    So I hope you, while enjoying the stillness you were pondering Gods amazing goodness, even when we deserve not His love, he still gives us His AMAZING GRACE. Bless You.

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