Merry Christmas – Re-ignite the Dance!


It is officially twelve days until Christmas, holiday shoppers are increasing while patience with our fellow man is slowly, sometimes rapidly, decreasing.  Yuletide mirth and cheer are everywhere!  I was driving down-town last night and the town was all aglow with ambient strings of lights hung meticulously as were the green festive wreathes on lampposts and specialty shops.  The colors blurred my vision as the reds danced and twinkled to an invisible tune played by the wind as the colors of blues and greens joined in.  They marked out a clear and perfect message; “Christ is almost here again!”  Perhaps it was all in my head, but I heard it’s siren’s song!  I heard the melodious cacophony of merriment and expectations!  My heart leap within my chest as I longed to join in as its tune caught my breath and carried it away in one puff of steam rising into the cold crisp air.  

I was alone, being it late at night, there in my van looking down a vacant street waiting for the light to change.  The giant Christmas tree before our old red bricked city hall also glowed and pulsated as the winter wind too en-wrapped its furry bows in merriment and festooning.  Such mystery and awe captured in this solitary moment.  I was caught off guard and yet something that night spoke to me.  Not an audible voice, nor a messenger from heaven with unfurled wings and halo to boot…though I have always longed for such a sign.  But His still small voice whispered into my very soul.  He made me look closely at the dance of His creation there before me.  The humming rhythm and the melodies and harmonies that sauntered on the breeze and blended in an intertwining dance.  He drew my eyes to the dimming lights of homes nearby and my thoughts wandered into their homes and into lives of people I have never met.  They too needed to dance like this.  They were missing the true celebration of Christmas.  They were missing the music of creation worshiping its Creator!  This music doesn’t just happen here on a cold winter night in December, but I felt closer to Him on this night.  My eyes caught its fire and I was ill-prepared to take it all in.  


We need to dance to the music of the Creator.  We have lost this glow and joy from within our souls and hearts!  Our greatest gift, our source of hope and joy is still playing our tune and message that can ignite our lives once more.  We shouldn’t idly cruise on through, just trying to “survive”…I want to relish this.  We have to relish this!  Cannot miss this anymore.  It isn’t about the lights or the trees, or even the gifts beneath the tree, it’s about God sending us His Son…It’s about Jesus saying “If they keep quiet, the very rocks will cry out!” (Luke 19:40)    The rocks, lights and trees have cried out for far too long…it’s our turn to worship Him!  It’s our turn to re-capture the mystery and awe of His birth!  Don’t miss it again this year!  Don’t be caught unaware and wake up January 1st and wonder how you will survive this next year.  Stop from time to time and dance to His music.  Stop and sing His praises.  Stop and allow Him to shine through you into a world that still longs to wake up and dance as well.  

May your Christmas be about Him, and may He ignite in you like never before!  

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hello Scott,

    Maureen Paulse of Athlone Corps. South Africa. (Arlene’s mom)

    Thank you for this wonderful ministry, it comes at different times sometimes late at night or in the early hours of the morning, but it is most welcome.

    I totally agree, people seems to be so stressed shopping and shopping. Shoppers have lost their joy and so irritable in the long ques .

    I love the Christmas season, the malls and shops start to decorate mid October, so I also start to decorate in October letting the Christmas lights burn every night. Promoting Jesus Christ as the light that came into a dark world.

    Wishing you well as you prepare and journey through the Christmas Season.

    Sending lots of love from Athlone.

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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