Lost now found (A poem)

Long have I been frail and weathered
Impacted too easily by these winds of fear
Long have I allowed these wrongs to enter
And shed the countless regretful tear

I ask my heart to beat through the pain
To focus on the destination set
While catching fallen tears like rain
Soaking in these cold walls of regret.

Yet someone calls out my name
I look up through blurring sight
His face is full of love not shame
He wants to take away this night

I feel so undeserving of His grace
As He takes me gently by the hand
He tells me He has prepared a place
An Eternal paradise so grand.

I scarce can take His presence in
As His love penetrates my soul
He restores grace in place of sin
And I stand before Him whole!

And to the searching and the lost
He wants to do the same
His blood poured out, he paid the cost
And took upon our sin and shame.

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