Finding Faith



Did you know it was lost? 

              There are times when faith is misplaced or spent on the wrong kinds of things.  

It can consume us…


We place too much faith in…

                                                  this:  Imagethinking if we just had a little more of it we’ll be happier and better off

but it doesn’t ever seem to satisfy our longing for more.  

                                                                           Sure it staves off the hunger for a while, but soon…







we hunger for more, and so our faith

in money is just never satisfied. 



Other times we place our faith in 



Sure we need friendships, and relationships. 

We need to laugh and to cry and to have people in whom we 

can confide…




when our friends become our faith

                            when we would do anything for their attention 

                                                     when faith turns into an unhealthy obsession

                                                                                            at some point 

These friends are NOT going to always be there for you…

                                                                              and so…


                                                                                     your faith in friends gets…shattered.

Finding faith in government or power is also equally devastating.


                                                We can pour our souls into following a political candidate 

                                                                            or campaigning for a specific cause 





and these are can be good things…

                                                        but it these faiths in government 





consume us

Image then we are no better than when we began to place our faith here.

Real faith.

        Real devotion

                 Real relationships

Alpha and Omega (The Beginning and the end)

                          begin and end with the












God wants so desperately for us 

Image find our faith in Him.  

Faith isn’t some 

“Stop wishing & start believing!”

wish list          

or dream

This faith, right here, right now   is placing our whole being before a God who cares and loves us.  

Faith can be found.  

                                                   The question is 

                                                           are you prepared to look?  Image






(These thoughts are ideas were created specifically for “” for the expressed desire to intrigue, motivate and compel us to search for our own relationship with Christ.  This is free to share and use so that God’s message may be spread and heard.  May the Lord have all the glory and honor!)  

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