Featuring – Harry Read (Commissioner R) “An Inward Realm” “Perspectives” Day 6




There is an inward realm transcending dreams,
Below the surface of my conscious thought,
Where God can dwell, composing mighty themes
Surpassing far those themes which I have wrought.

If I but cease to struggle and to strain
And let him move the bars from round my cell,
And burst the fetters which my soul enchain
And let his touch my apprehensions quell

Then will I know the joy transcending speech,
The holiness which only Christ can give,
The faith which always seemed far past my reach:
Love’s mystery, Christ’s gift to make me live.

Lord, play your mighty music in my soul
And set me free to live in your control.

2 Corinthians 4: 14 –18
We are more mystical and practical than we imagine.



Use with permission from Commissioner Harry Read

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