The God who holds our hand


When our first son was just an infant he slept in a crib which was right next to our bed.   Each night we had a routine that we had to go through in order to get him to sleep.  Perhaps it was because we were first time parents or perhaps he was just a needy baby.   But each night, after he was dress in pajamas and had his blanket he would stick his hand out from between the crib railings and demand he hold either my hand or his Mom’s.  Try as we might we could not break this cycle with him.  He needed to have physical contact with us in order to fall asleep.  He needed to have this assurance that we were there watching over him and that he was save and sound.  

Sometimes I think back on those moments and wonder humorously why we didn’t buy a fake hand for him to hold on to or why we didn’t just break him of that dependence all together.  But as I consider those precious moments that we had with our first born I realize how important those moments of contact were for him as he was growing as an infant.  He needed to feel our touch, to know we were there and to be reassured that we were not going anywhere.  


God still does this for you and for me as well!  We constantly question if He’s there.  We sometimes cry out to Him just to check if He is listening.  We hold out our hand, sometimes in a demanding nature and hope that God’s touch will reach us.  We hope that He’s really there and willing to remain near us.  

The truth is God desires so desperately to hold our hand and to remain right beside us.  He loves us so much that He longs for us to trust Him and to reach out to Him through every season of this life.  Are you willing to reach out your hand to Him today?  He is here, right now and He is not going anywhere.  Trust Him.  Lean on Him.  Allow His love to fill your life with His joy, grace and peace. 


-Just a thought for the day. 


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