A Word from Samuel Logan Brengle


“First Things First”
(An excerpt from “Take time to be Holy” edited by Bob Hostetler p. 41)

Take Time to Be Holy

“What shall have primacy with us? What shall have our last thoughts when falling asleep and our first thoughts on waking?

Many thinks make so subtle, so reasonable an appeal as to usurp first place:
1) Our work. Is it not to build God’s Kingdom on earth, to rescue men and women from sin? Yes, it is all that. But it must not have first place.

2) Our position. “Searching for honor is not honorable” (Proverbs 25:27). Those who overlook such truths, while they may attain the desire of their heart, miss the glory that God gives.

3) Our family. This may become a deadly snare. “Whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me” (Matthew 10:37), said Jesus.

4) Our education. The better informed and wiser we are, provided we are dedicated wholly to God, the more effectually we can glorify Him. But woe to those who put this first.

What, then, shall be first? That must be first, the loss of which is the loss of all. To lose God is the sum of all loss. If we lose Him, we lose all. If we lose all and still have Him, we shall in Him again find all.”

Let me just add this:
I have often found that one of these other things had suddenly taken God’s place as the #1 priority in my life! How true Samuel Logan Brengle’s words are still for us today! Is God truly on the throne in your life today? If not, perhaps it’s time to do some digging and soul searching so that each of us can get back to serving Him in all that we do and say!

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