Reasons why I dislike waiting on God…but…


“Wait on the Lord…and He shall strengthen your heart.” (Psalm 27:14)

The Reasons I dislike waiting on God: 

1.  I am impatient. 


I am not the most patient man.  My children know this.  I must temper this very often when things are not done now.  We live in a fast paced society, it is “fast-food” driven.  We even have slogans from these “fast-food” establishments that back that claim up like “have it your way”.  

When it comes to waiting on God I am not patient.  I often want Him to answer me now.  I want instant responses and yet I know He doesn’t work like that. 

2. Waiting on God reminds me of how powerless I truly am.
Besides impatience, this waiting reminds me that I live in a temporal body and ultimately I can do nothing in this body to save my self from some certainties in life.  Death, sickness (in some regards), Taxes, laws of our world.  I am powerless and yet I must wait with that knowledge in mind.  Perhaps you can relate to me when I say that I am stubborn…are you?  In my stubbornness I, at times, refuse to admit that I cannot do something.  I must do the impossible.  I must becomes Superman and superdad, and superpastor…but when I am forced to slow down; when I am forced to wait on God I am reminded of just how powerless I truly am.   

3.  Waiting on God humbles me…it’s a matter of pride.
I just mentioned how stubborn I can be.  To ask for help from God and then having to wait for an answer can be a serious blow to my pride.  I’m just putting it out there…I can admit that pride is sometimes often a bane of mine.  I am proud of what I can do.  Proud of what I can accomplish.   I am proud that I am self-sufficient…and then BAM, I am knocked to my knees again.  Circumstances sometimes do not go my way, things I had planned don’t pan out, and I am humbled by the outcome.  Can you relate?  I sure hope so. Please tell me I’m not alone in this human failing.  I dislike this waiting, at times, because it means I have much more to surrender in terms of my pride to God.  


This isn’t a bad thing.  
When I have to discipline my children, it’s not because I hate them or want to harm them, it is because I love them deeply and I want them to grow and make better decisions next time.  

This is sometimes why I find God will at times take His time in answering me.  He wants me to make better decisions.  He wants me to depend more on Him.  He wants me to tear down the fortresses of pride that I have erected and are now keeping me from Him.  The waiting isn’t because He is withholding His love from me…no, the waiting is because He loves me so much He wants me to be willing to surrender completely.  I dislike it severely at times (honestly It’s sometimes a “hate” thing), yet I know He loves me so much that He will not forget me.  He will not forsake me. 


Truth:  waiting sucks!  There I said it.  
But in the waiting on God the discipline of surrender and humility can further shape us.  In the waiting we can also learn to trust Him more.  In this waiting we can learn to love Him and discover how much He loves us.  

-Just another thing for us to ponder.  

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