TV Review of CW’s “The 100”



I’m a sucker for Science Fiction television shows.  If you’re anything like me then perhaps you have your DVR set to record many offerings within this genre too.  I’m still upset after all these years that they canceled Firefly

Don’t even get me started on this one!

I digress:  

The new television show “The 100” follows a group of young people (It’s like Peter Pan’s “Lost Boys” meets “Lord of the Flies”) who apparently were all imprisoned for being rebellious while on Earth’s final hope, the space station, which has been orbiting Earth for nearly a hundred years.  



Earth nearly destroyed itself through nuclear war and those who survived on the Space station currently don’t even know if Earth is able to sustain life yet.  So they send the prisoners…oh here’s one more catch – the Space Station is quickly degrading and running out of oxygen.  The population on the Space station has outgrown the original design of sustaining life.  

back to the prisoners – Image




They are sent to earth in a space pod (wow they can fit a hundred people in that thing?  that must be cramped!) and each of the 100 has been given a vital signs life tracker on their wrist.

The adventure begins and the world isn’t as empty as they once suspected.  There are others living on the ground that ironically the 100 pod-people label “grounders” (how original).  

Long review short –
There is suspense.  The directors and creators of the show ensure that you are clinging to your seat and take nothing for granted because ANYTHING could happen.  Sure, it’s a teen/young adult catered audience…most actors look like aeropostale or abercrombe and fitch models…but death and betrayal permeate the plot like a pair of stinky gym socks in a locker-room.

Society and Culture:

For me, one the underlying themes of this show is that anarchy reigns within the 100 although there are a few trying to keep the order and peace.  Some have their own selfish agendas, some are power hungry, and some are just psychopathic killers…this really bodes well for us on post-apocalyptic Earth!  Another message – don’t trust a bunch of teenagers and young adults with an important mission to go to Earth in the hopes of saving the human race.  As a matter of fact don’t trust ANY of these (or many) of these “criminals”.  

It is rather telling that the Adults in Space also have ulterior motives, plots lead to real curve balls and just when you think you figured out where the writer is taking the story you get kicked to the curb.  


If you like a little drama/soap opera with a Science-fiction flair then perhaps you’ll like this show.  One word of caution though, the writers seem intent of killing off numerous characters as the episodes continue so don’t get too invested in many of the sub-characters because anything could happen.  It’s a roller-coaster sort of ride, there is some adult themes from time to time so parents please be advised!  

My grade – I give it a Image


But what do I know, I’m just a Sci-fi Junkie who is still bitter Firefly was canceled.  
let me know what YOU think, respond below with your comments.  I’m interested in your television recommendations and thoughts.  










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