A Little RobBellion…a Jesus Show or Sell-out?



I’m open minded…and hopeful.
Recently, famous preacher, thinker and author Rob Bell announced via numerous social media sites that he would be beginning a new television show.  Relevant Magazine reported it here: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/tags/rob-bell.  Rob’s new television show will be called simply “the Rob Bell Show”…interesting.  He’s also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealrobbell 

Again I’m open minded, but images like these pop into my head when I think of “Christian” television shows: 


ImageAnybody else

I don’t want to prejudge something before it happens.  I don’t want to think the worst, but I physically shiver when I think of the likes of Jimmy Baker and the “golden” throned TBN channel…I seriously hope that his show doesn’t go THAT way.  

on the other hand…







 I really hope Rob Bell’s new show doesn’t become a Universalist show where everything is embraced as truth.  That notion to me is also troubling.  


Again, I don’t want to prejudge the new show before seeing it, but I have to wonder were Rob Bell’s critics right?  Has he sold out?  

I have been seriously challenged by his books (yes I’ve actually read them).  Some of Rob Bell’s critics even rushed to write books to challenge His book “Love Wins” before they had even read it or even before it even hit the bookshelves in stores.  His book was more about asking tough questions like ‘does God’s grace actually extend far beyond our human grace and our understanding?‘ and less about dispelling doctrinal and bible truths.   Rob Bell asked more questions than he did present some “heretical theology” like some had assumed of him and that of his teachings.  

Still I wonder about this whole tv show thing.  
I wonder if the lure of courting fame has taken its toll.  
I wonder about a lot of things.

Unlike many of the critics of Rob Bell, I’ve been truly challenged by him.  
I have found him to be honest and refreshing.  
I have found him to be a break from the old fashioned traditional molds of what the “Christian Teacher” should look like.  

Was he just a trend? 
or was he for real? 

I guess time will tell.  Like I said at the beginning I am keeping an open mind.  I’m hopeful.  
After all, the Christian church has certainly had its fair share of sell-outs, wanna-be’s and phonies.  



My only fear in all of this is that if this doesn’t pan out and his television show is all Universalist wishywashy mumbo-jumbo …how many people will it lead astray?  

Again…for now, I’m hopeful and waiting with an open mind.  




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