Perspectives Day 4 – Featuring Dennis Strissel (Colonel) “Opinion8ed”



(A series of eight installments)

Number five – There’s a Welcome HERE!


“Hey, where did all the food go?” yelled my dad, gazing into the empty refrigerator. None of us would fess up to tell him that our friends had been there the night before and pigged-out, emptying the weeks supply of rations.

Have you seen the commercial sponsored by Daisy Sour Cream? If you haven’t I have included the link, ( The mother in the commercial has to remind young Steve that he is actually not a member of the family but lives next door. Well that is the way that it was at our home. Many of our friends were over so often, I’m sure our parents were concerned that they had forgotten their way back to their own home. Though our parents often complained about the missing groceries and the teens camped out all over the home, they were pleased that our home was one where people felt welcomed to come and stay awhile.

Sharon and I can attest to the same experience, with young people in and out of our home and our weekly grocery bill much larger than we could afford. However, we would comment frequently about how nice it was that our children felt comfortable with inviting their friends over and their friends finding our home as a secondary lodging to their own.

This triggers a memory of our son’s college roommate spending an entire summer in our home while our son, Scott, was away in Moldova on summer service opportunity. Andy was a great house guest and we loved him like a son. We were pleased that he felt comfortable and welcomed in our home.

When visiting another home, it’s pretty easy to pick up on an atmosphere of our surroundings. Intuition often informs and protects us from environments that are not safe or risky when visiting but it can also help you detect places of comfort and safety, making one feel right at home. When you find such a place you don’t mind visiting frequently.

A few weekends ago, men from around the eastern half of Michigan met in conference under the teaching of a wise leader. Our praise band helped out by encouraging the men to lift their voices in praise, adoration and supplication. I don’t know about you but music moves my soul heavenward. Sometimes I am so caught up in the melody and message of the song/chorus that I simply cannot sing the words. God knows those times and His Spirit speaks so clearly to me. One of the choruses/songs has followed me since that weekend retreat. As I close my eyes in sleep and when I wake, this chorus is literally on my lips and is the genesis for this humble opinion article. I notice that the older I get the more I love the traditional hymns of the church but occasionally something new breaks through and blesses me. Here’s the song I cannot get out of my head…and maybe I don’t want it to leave.

“Holy Spirit” Lyrics


by Bryan & Katie Torwalt | from the album Here On Earth

There’s nothing worth more
That will ever come close
Nothing can compare
You’re our Living Hope
Your Presence

I’ve tasted and seen
Of the sweetest of loves
Where my heart becomes free
And my shame is undone

Your presence Lord

Holy Spirit You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your presence Lord

Your presence Lord

.Let us become more aware of Your presence
Let us experience the glory of Your goodness

Holy Spirit You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your presence Lord

I would encourage you to find the song on your favorite media site and give a long listen to these inspired words and music. However, and this is probably worth noting, that the message of the song penetrates the heart and reminds us that the most conducive dwelling place for the Holy Spirit is one where He is welcome and invited to dwell.

Some worshipers have a routine they may follow when preparing for a time of worship. Here is the way I approach most meeting where we spend time in worship. 1) I like to take in the room, looking for signs that the Savior has priority, (sermon title in the bulletin points me to Jesus and intrigues me, songs are well chosen to work in concert with the chosen theme, perhaps altar furniture features something of the theme of the meeting, etc.). 2) I like to spend some time in silence, focusing on the power of Christ in my life. 3) I search my heart for unconfessed sin that might contaminate my gift of worship to God. 4) I confess my sin through silent prayer and then ask the Holy Spirit to show up in every part of the meeting, being obvious that thought and prayer has come before the planning. 5) Then, in silence, I surrender all over again and welcome the presence of God through His Holy Spirit to have more of me as part of my gift of worship. It is all God-Centered. You know what happens? God never lets me down because my focus is on Him.

Perhaps the next time you find yourself in a time or place of worship you might try a couple of these steps and discover a new sense of His presence. Design your personal steps that direct your attention toward God, focusing totally on him, making his Holy Spirit welcome and just note the difference in that type of worship experience. God will show up!



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