Devotional Pondering: “Sharing in the Father’s Passions”

I was in a guitar store recently with my youngest son. Going to the guitar store is kind of my personal kryptonite…I love it. I love the smells of the new guitars. The gleam of the new varnish on the dark mahogany acoustic bodies. I love the sounds of plucking fresh strings, it’s like…well, music to my ears.

Okay, I digress

I was in this guitar store with my 6 year old, very impressionable son, and I was explaining and showing him the various styles of guitars. I was in My glory there in that store. I was reveling in this passion. I was excited to hopefully share this passion with my son. Then I handed him a guitar to hold. I showed him how to correctly hold it. How to strum it. The guitar looked huge in his tiny arms…yet it made me smile. There I was sharing one of my passions with my son.

Later that day

We were out on an errand at another store (no guitars in sight), and my son looks up at me with his big blue excited eyes and says “Dad, when are we going back to the guitar store so that I can pick out MY guitar?” At this point if was smiling ear to ear, my son wanted to learn, he had caught the gleam in my eyes and wanted to share in my passion for music and now he wanted his own guitar to play.

I was a proud Father.

Guess what? God is a proud Father too…of you and me.
He wants so desperately to shares His passions with us, His love for the world, His joy in creativity and music, His artistry…and He revels and smiles broadly when the lights finally go on in our eyes and we begin to catch just a glimpse of THAT passion of the Father.

He longs to share with us His love and passion…are we catching it? Is it in our eyes and our hearts? Do we possess a fraction of the Father’s passion in what we do, in who we are…in Whose we are? He stands there beside us ready to share it with us. He longs for us to capture His glimmer. He smiles broadly when we ask Him to teach us, to be with us, to lead us…are we?

Prayer: Lord, I am Your child, teach me. Here I am, show me. Lord grant me a glimpse of your glory, your love, your passions for the world around me…ignite these passions In me and allow me to revel in Your presence today. Inspire my heart, soul, mind and body to love and serve you today. Father I love you. -Amen.


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