Devotional Pondering: Trust Issues…

Let us go with complete trust to the throne of God. We will receive His loving-kindness and have His loving-favor to help us whenever we need it.” Hebrews 4:16 (NLV)


Question:  Do you trust God?  No, I mean really, really trust Him?  It is one thing to say that we trust Him and it’s completely different to actually move on that trust.  He has made a way for us to come to Him directly through His Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus is our kinsman redeemer.  Because of that redemption we now have access to the unmerited grace of God.  We don’t deserve it yet we are able to receive it.  

The key is this: can we go to God with complete trust? After all, many of us have trust issues, whether we choose to admit it or not.  Many of us can recall times when we placed our trust in someone and they completely broke that trust.  Once our trust was broken we began to doubt if anyone was ever trustworthy enough for us to completely confide in.  For some of us we hold onto our hearts and lives, diligently clutching them, refusing to allow anyone access to the deep workings of our hearts and minds.  These areas are “off-limits” because in order to share them we would have to exercise complete trust in someone, which would make us completely vulnerable.  Being vulnerable before anyone, let alone God is an extremely scary thought.    


God will not break our trust!
God himself longs to gain full access to our hearts and minds.  He longs to hear us speak to Him without limitations and without us holding back.  God is a personal Creator who desires a personal relationship with you and me.  He is not one who breaks promises or returns our trust in tattered flames and shattered dreams…NO, God wants all there is of us, completely without lacking anything or withholding anything.  Can we trust God THAT much?  Is it worth it?  YES!  

Personal questions to ponder today:
Am I still struggling with trust issues towards God? 
What (if anything) am I still clutching on to?
Can I go to Him with all there is of me?  
What’s holding me back from this amazing fellowship?
This scripture says “His loving-kindness” and “His loving-favor” will be there whenever I need it…can I boldly ask Him to be with me today?  Can I boldly share with Him the struggles I am going through right now?  Can I give Him my burdens?  Am I prepared to fully trust Him? 

Lord you know my heart and my life.  You know my struggles and my burdens.  Show me what it means to trust you completely.  Help me see Your blessings in my life today.  Lord, at times I struggle with trusting You completely.  Remind constantly of Your presence with me today and guide me through everything I must do today.  Lord, I invite You, I ask You to journey with me each step of the way today.  In Your name I pray all of these things.  -Amen.  

Ponder His loving kindness and our willingness to completely trust Him today!  

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