Dear Salvation Army – Identifying Critical Needs (Disccusion & Feedback)

Pretend for a moment that you have a voice in This Army…because YOU do!
Pretend for a moment that regardless of resources we can tackle these critical needs in your ministries.
Pretend for a moment that we serve a God who can perform miracles both big and small…oh wait HE DOES!!

Why pretend?
Live it!

So today I wanted to ask a relevant question for all of you out there in this mighty Army…what are your critical needs? What are the troubled areas of your local ministry? We should take a hard look at trouble areas within our local army. This may hurt, but it is worth it!

Secondly, what do you see as a critical issue(s) currently in our global Army?
What struggles do you see that perhaps we’re ignoring or placing a bandaid on? How can we pull infection out from their roots? How can we remove the barriers from our forward march?

I believe in a global army, bu


But a global army can’t exist without the local army serving and reaching people for Christ! We can’t hobble into the next decade. We can’t limp on unless we heal tender, critical areas.

What are these critical areas?
How can we identity problematic barriers?

We can not pretend they do not exist or that they will simply go away.

In the “comment” or “response” section below I want to hear from you today! I would like to hear about two things:
1. What are your local critical issues and needs?
2. What are your local blessings? (in other words, “What is God doing in your community?”)

Let’s ponder this together today!


One thought on “Dear Salvation Army – Identifying Critical Needs (Disccusion & Feedback)

Add yours

  1. Our primary local “need” is holiness and a return to the mission of souls. Business requirements have absorbed the passion. Our blessing is God has put together a ministry “team” of soldiers to preach and call for holiness. Great things in our local future!

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